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I am writing today to express my complete and total satisfaction with the job you recently performed at my automobile dealership.

As you know my pavement is 30+ years old and has been seal coated many times in the past by other companies. Having been somewhat dissatisfied with the last job, I decided to give you a try, after receiving a recommendation from a friend and fellow competitor of mine. Now that the job is completed, I am extremely glad I did!

In the past, our seal coating jobs had been rather sloppy and inconsistent: especially with the crack filling and overall preparation. Your guys were not only extremely careful, but also very thorough. In fact, I would estimate that they spent about 75% of their time on the preparation. Once they fire up the seal coating machine, the application process went very fast. The machine that place the first coat down did a fantastic job of laying down a very thick, consistent coat; much thicker and more evenly applied than we had seen in the past.

Furthermore, the product you applied, once dry, seemed to adhere much better to the pavement, as we have had virtually no problem with tracking tar into our building. Now that our cars are back in position, our lot looks better than it has in 20 years!

Your team performed the job just like you said they would; on time and on budget. The results certainly speak for themselves. Please feel free to use me as a reference anytime, as I would be happy to discuss my satisfaction with anyone who could use a little reassurance from a very satisfied customer.

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