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“If you don’t use us, it’s your own asphalt!”

Line striping provides many benefits, including:

Enhances Safety of the Parking Lot

The more clearly marked a parking lot is, the safer it becomes. Bright yellow speed bumps notify drivers that they must slow down. Clearly defined crosswalks give pedestrians a safe passage across busy lanes of traffic. Loading zone signs notify drivers and pedestrians of constant stop-and-go traffic. Bright white “stop bars” give a defined place for vehicles to stop. A freshly painted parking lot is a safer place.

Fulfills All Laws

By law, parking lots must have some required markings, including a fire lane and ADA compliance. Fire lane standards are set by the state fire marshal. In Delaware for instance, it will consist of a yellow curb with 4” fire lane lines and fire lane signs distinguishing the fire lane/no parking zone. ADA compliance is also clear. The number of parking spaces on the lot dictates how many handicap stalls you must have. The law is also specific about how the spaces are to be laid out.

Controls Traffic

Directional arrows and stop bars can assist you in influencing the traffic patterns and easing congestion.