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Properly sealing surface cracks can save you money.

Effective Performance.

Cracks to be effectively filled must be 1/8 inch wide and 1/4 inch deep. Hot-pour crack sealant is recommended to seal cracks in commercial parking lots. These products have been found to far outperform cold applied sealants; however cold sealants can effectively be used on residential driveways.  Crack sealing is the most important part of asphalt maintenance that you can have done to extend the life to your pavement. This prevents water from running through cracks which can weaken the base causing further cracking due to the freeze and thaw cycles. 

Application Method

Prior to sealing cracks, the surface is cleaned using power blowers, along with hand brooms, shovels, etc. Vegetation will be removed from cracks using a crack jet and/ or pressurized air and brooms. Cracks shall be cleaned and filled with the specified crack sealant if this work is accepted in the contract.